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Things you can't have in iPhone or Android

It’s very common how manufacturers approach users: they’re thick and we should limit them as much as possible. That’s why if you’re an iPhone user or Android based phone user, you have to hack your own device in order to change or improve it’s functionality.

Luckily, not all devices have same stupid limitation.

Windows Mobile is not limited in such way. It gives you fantastic possibilities. For instance, you can improve some functionality using free software and this can be done on Windows Mobile device “as is” without removing security measures (and void your warranty as well).

One of the latest fantastic improvements is GpsMoDriver. Before i explain how it works, let me start with some trivia. GPS system is fairly accurate. Fairly means “up to 5 meters”. It’s perfectly fine when you (or you in your car) is moving, because system can use average position. Situation is slightly different when your receiver is stationary. When next position is 5 meters away from previous one, navigation software doesn’t know if it’s just position fluctuation or you actually started moving.
This was solved in embedded systems. If you buy expensive car with build-in sat-nav, software can read speed from engine computer. This is not possible in standalone devices.
Some chipsets come with workaround called “static navigation”. With this option enabled, when your speed is less than 5 km/h (around 3 mph) GPS keeps sending same position information, no matter what real position is. But this function is not perfect and is not available in some chipset.
This is where GpsMoDriver kicks in. It uses electronic compass and acceleration sensor built into latest devices to find out whether device is really moving or not. I love this idea, it’s so simple and effective. And can be used in just two simple steps – install new driver and change one setting in your navigation software. As long you’re using proper device with proper operating system.
Find out more about GpsMoDriver .

To be honest, there is another device on the market, with “no limitations” idea at next level. This is Nokia N900. It’s Linux Maemo 5 based and is based on one fundamental rule: “your device is all yours”. There are no limitations at all. You can install anything you want whenever you want. Of course such freedom is a bit risky – you have to know what you’re doing, otherwise you can brick your device. Only problem with Nokia N900 is lack of navigation software and still some bugs in the system as it just started market life.

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